6/22/19 Rush County Fairgrounds 7pm

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Rouse Promotions LLC was formed by JR and Erica Rouse to promote Demolition Derbies and other Demolition type events.  This was formed to fill the demand for fair and honest promotions in the Midwest.  Our goal is to put on safe, fun, and fair shows.  This starts long before the show with the tech inspection.  We have put every available resource here to ensure that drivers are competing in machines legal to our rules.  We have a color camera that will extend over 2 ft. into any hole in the car.  We have employed the 2 finest inspectors in the state Joel and Adam Frieburger.  Every single car is teched the same.  This provides some of the most competitive fields in the country.

We hold events in front of crowds as big as 70,000 to as small as 300.  We are staffed to handle as much or as little of the show as you would like.  We also offer some of the most competitive rates in the country. 

Demolition Derby
Figure 8
Trailer Race
Truck Drags 
Quad Drags

If you would like to find out more about Rouse Promotions, we can be contacted at 765-238-8012 (ask for JR).  You can also e-mail us at  postmaster@rousepromotions.com

Now signing dates for the new Indiana AutoCross Series and the 2009 Sidelines Challenge.