Rushville 4/9

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2022 Rules: 

General Rules:

1.      Please do not drink and drive. 

2.      If a driver and/or a pit crewmember cause confrontation with officials, other drivers, or anyone outside of their cars will forfeit any points for that race and face a suspension depending on the severity.  So this if your warning, try your best to keep your cool and also manage your crew, because they will be treated as one of you.  We want this to be fun.  We have all been drivers, understand what happens on the track, and sometimes off.  If there are issues with other crews or drivers, please let us know, do not join in.

3.      We will judge what is excessive driving and penalize based on the severity.  Again, we understand frustrations, but try to keep your cool.  Do not intentionally pit-maneuver drivers.  If they have the line and you swerve at them and cause them to spin, you will be penalized.  On the other hand, if we feel you have the line and they come down or up on you, we will leave it be.  We will do our best, but cannot catch everything. 

Compact Cars:

Eligibility: Any year car/wagon, 6-cylinder or less.  Front and RWD only, no AWD.  Minimum age 14. Ages 14 - 17 must have parents' consent.

Cage: A 4-point cage is highly recommended.  You may use unlimited material inside the hood, cabin, or trunk of car, nothing protruding outside of sheet metal down the sides unless it is for driver's safety.  Please ask ahead of time if you want to add anything other than on driver's door.  All cars must have either a driver's doorplate on the outside or a cage bar on the inside for driver's safety.  Stuffing something in between door panels is not going to be accepted.  Cage may be welded to body and frame at any point.  A rollover bar made of heavy-duty material and mounted properly is highly recommended.

Gas Tank: Factory gas tank may be left in stock position.  If it is behind the back wheels, please add material for safety protection.  If it is moved, please used safe mounting and a safe fuel cell.  If mounting is not deemed safe for the driver, modifications will be required or the driver will not run.  If you have any questions, please ask first.  Covering the tanks is recommended.  If at any time during the event, gas is noticeably sloshing out, we will stop the race and have the driver pull off, or shut down and removed safely.

Bumpers: Bumpers may be bolted or welded on in any fashion as long as it is safe.  Nothing protruding from the bumper.  Any factory bumper may be used.  If a homemade bumper is used, it may be no wider than the middle of the tires.  This is for both the front and rear.  No excessive points to the bumpers. 

Suspension:  No racing style suspension.

Tires: Any tire is allowed.  No bead locks.

Drive Line: Any 6-cylinder or less engine.

Car recognition:  It is mandatory for your car to have a roof sign with your number on it legible for the booth to see for scoring.  Also, please have your number legible on both sides of the car.  This is your warning...if your number cannot be read, and you are not scored properly because of it, do not blame us.

Safety: All drivers must wear an approved helmet, eye protection, long sleeved shirts, and long pants.  All cars must have a working shoulder belt or 4-point style harness.  No adding weight.

Payouts: 1st - $300, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $100, 4th - $60, 5th - $40 plus trophies.  If shows are announced otherwise, the announced payout will be as posted for that show.

Points: Our plans are to have a point's series again this year!  There are enough cars that show up week in and week out, so we feel you deserve being paid extra at the end of the year!  More info to come in the future for payouts and placings. 

The points system will be as follows:

1st - 150 pts, 2nd - 135 pts, 3rd - 120 pts, 4th - 105 pts, 5th - 90 pts, 6th - 75 pts, 7th - 65 pts, 8th - 55 pts, 9th - 45 pts, 10th - 35 pts, and 11th - showing up - 30 pts.  Therefore, if you sign up, pay your dues, and never make it to the track, or something happens in hot laps, you will still be rewarded 30 pts.


SUV/Truck/Van Class: This is a new class starting in 2022!  We hope you all are as excited as we are to bring this class along.

Eligibility: Any cylinder, 2WD, 4WD, or AWD allowed.

Build rules: Please read the rest of the rules above.  The same set will be enforced for this class.  If you have any questions, please ask.

We at Rouse Promotions would like to thank each of you who compete year in and year out, as well as newcomers.  Our intention is to make this a cheap fun event for everyone, and we hope that is achieved.

POINTS  new system

1st 150; 2nd 135; 3rd 125; 4th 115; 5th 110; 6th 100; 7th 90; 8th 85; 9th 80; 10th 75; 11-feature 40

40 points for showing up and not making the feature.

AutoCross: Russ Snow and Richie Reed