4/10 Team Derby Connersville

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2021 Schedules

4/10 Connersville: Team Derby Stock and GutnGo

 4/24 Shelbyville: Full Size AutoCross, Mini Car AutoCross

5/1 Rushville: Gut N GO Demo, AutoCross, SUV Demo

6/15 Shelbyville: Full SIze AutoCross, Mini AUtoCross

6/19 Shelbyville:$1000 to win Gut n Go Fullsize, AutoCross, Gut N Go Fwd

6/24 Greenfield: AutoCross 

 6/25 Greenfield: Demo

6/26 Richmond: $1500 to win Stock Class/ Gut n Go Fullsize/ Gut n GO FWD/ Compact truck, minivan, suv/ Smash Minis

6/29 Rushville: AutoCross Minis 

7/2 Rushville: $1200 to win stock/ Gut N Go Fwd/ AutoCross

7/10 Bedford: $1500 to win Gut N Go Full Size/ $500 to win Gut N Go FWD/ $300 to win SUV/mini truck

7/12 Terre Haute: Police and Fire Derby/ Hard Minis/ Youth/ Powder Puff/ Mowers

7/17 Terre Haute: Stock/ Limited Weld / Gut n Go FWD/ Mini Trucks/ Mini AutoCross

7/30 Renseleaur: Stock/ Gut n Go Fwd/ Trucks

8/3 Connersville: Fullsize gut n go/ AutoCross/ mini van, suv, mini trucks

 8/6 Connersville: Stock/ Gut n Go Fwd

9/17 Terre Haute: Money in the Bank

9/18 Terre Haute: Money in the Bank

9/25: Rushville